About Us

About Us


Founded in 1985, this 3rd generation family company was started in Pakka Bagh By AHMAD JAAN

Our Vision

From a young age our parents instilled in us a love of design, an appreciation for hard work and a passion for your chosen career. Watching their three decades of artful mastery and the successful navigation of their fashion, textiles and manufacturing businesses. Our parents impressed upon us the keys to growing a successful business, the importance of family and always be loyal to your customers. All of which helped us build our company's core values and the foundation of A S HANDICRAFTS

Why A S Handicraft.in? We are having around 40 year experience in in this field serving major countries by Home Decor, Furniture and lighting in metal, Wood, Glass and combination of these 

Therefore we have of around 20000 mold of different decor that can also developed and served you accordingly.

we are incredibly grateful for the growth of our family and our hard working teams. Because at AS HANDICRAFTS, we are more than just a team - we are family.